Why I didn’t know my weight during pregnancy and postpartum

I had never really thought about pregnancy until I got married. And then I thought about it all the time. And I was scared. Like really scared. I pushed off getting pregnant for as long as I could due to that fear. What was I […]

Am I Good Enough?

A couple days ago, I got some heart-breaking news. I didn’t get the job I was SO sure that I was going to get. I know it sounds a little silly, but gosh, this one really hurt. I cried and cried and cried. And not the […]

Let’s Talk About Diets… And Why They Don’t Work

I HATE diets. And I’m talking about diets for weight loss here. Any “lifestyle change” that includes restricting, body shaming, and guilt is a diet. Just hearing the word makes me cringe. When I hear associates/friends/family talk about “going on a diet”, I want to shake […]