Ohhh Juicing

My friends recently got a brand new juicer and they were so excited about it! They had those looks on their faces that said, “Kaylee, as a nutrition professional, you should be really proud of us for getting a juicer.” While I was politely smiling, I was really thinking about all the reasons why juicing is not what it’s claimed to be.


You may be thinking, but But BUT the juice is made with fruits and vegetables!! It’s healthy!

Although fruits and vegetables have many nutrients that our bodies need, there is something we need to clear up.

There are better ways to get your fruits and vegetables in for the day. Here are some reasons why juicing is not all that it is hyped up to be:

  1. Fruit has carbohydrates (sugar) in them. When you juice, you essentially squeeze everything out of the fruit making a super-nutrient dense beverage. But now this beverage is high in sugars and low in protein. A sugar crash may be in your near future.
  2. Fruit (and vegetables) have fiber, and when we eat the whole fruit, the fiber acts as a counterbalance to keep us full longer and to keep our blood sugars more stabilized. When you juice, the fiber ends up in the garbage with the rest of the fruit.
  3. Juice has lots of calories in it! And most of it is sugar. Yes it is natural, but our body still recognizes it as sugar. Many people juice as a way to lose weight and detox. People may assume that since the juice is made up of fruits and vegetables that it’s healthy and they can drink as much as they want which may actually stall their weight loss goals. Our bodies are detoxing machines! No diet or juice fast will result in detoxing our bodies. We have livers, kidneys, and spleens for that.
  4. Juice is digested more quickly than solids and you may be hungry soon following consumption which may lead to overeating.
  5. Juicing is expensive. Fruits and vegetables are not cheap as it is, but when you are using ~8 fruits and vegetables everyday to make 2 cups of juice, it adds up fast!!!

Solution: Smoothies are a better alternative using whole fruits and vegetables. This is a perfect way to get a liquid beverage, but still get the fiber and other nutrients found in fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away.

What is your opinion on juicing?


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